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Web Copy – What NOT To Do (continued!)

17 May Posted by in Copywriting, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Web Copy – What NOT To Do (continued!)
Web Copy – What NOT To Do (continued!)

Welcome back to our “What Not to Do When Writing Web Content” series!  Last time we discussed what we call “egotistical” copy—web content that boasts only what the company can do, its qualifications, principals and values. Basically, ineffective written content that bores readers and serves them no purpose in terms of what the company has to offer for the consumer.  In case you missed it, read more about egotistical web copy here.

The second offender of bad web copy that we will be covering is something we like to call the “lazy man’s copy”.  This type of copy usually comes in the form of a list comprised of technical terms and characteristics describing the product on its most basic level.  The lazy man’s web copy basically takes all of the features of a product and pitches it in a list form.  This type of web copy is so aptly dubbed because it usually derives from copywriters who are too lazy to elaborate further on the product, and resort to throwing everything in a list form, thinking that the concise inventory-style will benefit readers because of its minimalism.

Unfortunately, the lazy man’s web copy is simply uninspiring, filled with statistics and facts and figures that ultimately amount to nothing.  What makes this product’s features so exceptional that customers will want to buy it? Lazy man’s web copy provides the basic facts, but never delves deep enough to detail the actual benefits of the product. To remedy this type of web copy, look beneath the surface of the product and elaborate on how the product’s features will benefit the consumer. Facts may tell, but a product’s benefits are what sell.

Sometimes, however, feature-driven web copy can be appropriate, for example when used for technological or electronic products.  But in every case, we encourage all copywriters to not be lazy; think deeper and elaborate on your product’s benefits to truly be able to sell to your audience.

Having trouble coming up with the right content for your website?  Not sure how to turn that list of facts and features into compelling copy? Either/Or Media can help you! Our team of professional copywriters can edit your existing copy and revamp it to the best of internet standards, or we can start anew and create fresh and engaging web content that will get your website noticed. For a marketing consultation, please contact us today at (949) 305-3223 or via our online form.


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